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Aside From Food and Shelter, What Do Homeless Families Need?


As economy and technology rise, the world spins faster. Unfortunately, the growth of money and the opportunity to earn the same has ill effects on some part of the society. The world now becomes a gravely unbalanced seesaw. As the rich become richer, the poor become poorer. Acknowledging this fact, SapiBon Foundation, Inc. came into existence wishing to extend help to those who have less in life.

The best way to help the underprivileged class is giving them what they truly need. Yes, basic commodities like food, water, and clothing can offer them relief, but the same is only temporary. To etch a deeper and more positive change in their lives, it is best to grant them:

  1. Education.
    Education is extremely beneficial to homeless kids. Without knowledge, a person’s life can become so limited. Right now, education is no longer a privilege, it is a need that everyone must acquire. Ideally, education up to college should be distributed to poor children. This way, they will not only impact their lives but also their families too.
  2. Good health.
    Giving the poor food will only help them survive for the day, but giving them nutritionally balanced food and supplements will help last more days because their bodies are properly nourished. Good health can also be acquired through free fitness programs like community Zumba events.
  3. Wellness.
    As compared to good health, wellness involves more on the lifestyle of a person. As for the poor, they no longer think about this matter because it may cause them more bucks. Unfortunately, the lack of proper wellness will significantly reduce their lifespan and lead to health problems that, in the long run, require them costly medical attention.
  4. Business or work opportunities.
    Giving the poor basic commodities every day is impossible! To cut the seemingly endless loop of poverty, it is best if you give them the capacity to provide the needs themselves. Giving livelihood training will transform those in slums as skilled personnel. Since they already have something profitable, they may now survive on their own and got a shot to become financially free.
  5. Acceptance.
    Sadly, poor people suffer discrimination. Though they are practically the same human species, labels are placed in their heads. Often, they are treated as second-class citizens. This kind of treatment puts the less unfortunate at a disadvantage.

Have you ever thought of leaving a very special legacy to the world? Helping charitable institutions is a wonderful idea. Regardless of what you give, someone’s life will be changed for the better. Join us at SapiBon Foundation, Inc., a Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Just like other Local non-profit organizations, we accept donations of any kind. You may deliver to us goods, money, and even services! And do not be afraid to reach out, no gift is too small or too big. So long as it is from your heart, we will be proud to utilize the same for the benefits of our needy brothers and sisters!

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