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Homeless People Need Good Hygiene

Homeless People Need Good Hygiene

In every charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, providing hygiene care to men, women, and children who do not have homes is still a pressing matter. Most, if not all, hygiene products are often expensive, which is why homeless people rarely get to have any of them. It is also possible that people do not know what the homeless still need.

SapiBon Foundation, Inc. encourages communities to supply hygiene kits and products for the homeless to use at public showers and restrooms. Some people may have this perception that giving food and clothing to the homeless is enough. For survival, perhaps, yes. However, if you look into their other basic needs, you will learn that the homeless also need hygiene to have better health.

As what charitable organizations in Florida reveal, there are a few of the many health concerns that the homeless face due to poor hygiene such as:

  • Heart disease due to poor oral health – Because the mouth is a main port into the body, bad oral health can have harmful results for the entire body. It allows bacteria to get into the bloodstream and eventually cause inflammation and infection wherever it spreads.
  • Pregnancy complications for women – During pregnancy, women have more vaginal discharges due to hormonal changes. Without proper hygiene, their body becomes vulnerable to infection, affecting the baby inside their womb.
  • Skin disease – Without proper bath and moisturizers, bacteria can easily penetrate the skin, causes infection.To help them improve their health, you can provide a hygiene kit that includes the following:
    • Oral hygiene set – toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash
    • Feminine hygiene set – feminine wash, tampons or napkins
    • Bathing products – body wash or travel soap, shampoo, lotion or moisturizer
    • Towel set – bathing towels, face towels

    Aside from health concerns, our organization also wants to point out that the lack of hygiene homeless deprives the homeless of having a sense of dignity. When they cannot properly comb their hair to look pleasing, shave unwanted beard or mustache, or feel confident about the way they smell, they often feel offended or embarrassed around people, especially when they receive various kinds of unflattering reactions from them.

    To give the homeless a chance to look good, smell good, and feel good, you can supply them the following (along with the hygiene kit mentioned above):

    • Hair items – comb or hairbrush, shave or razor, rubber bands
    • Personal care products – aftershave, mild-scented cologne, deodorant roll-ons or spray, nail clippers, cotton swabs

If you want to support our cause of supplying hygiene kits and products for the homeless, you can seek out local non-profit organizations in your neighborhood and work with their team to help send your donations to the right area.

Please also support this cause by sharing our blog with your family and friends. If you have comments and suggestions on how to help the homeless get good hygiene, please share your ideas in the comment section below.

Homeless People Need Good Hygiene

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