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Education in Fort Lauderdale FL

school program

SapiBon Foundation, Inc. Education program operate Monday through Friday after school, with an in-school component consisting of working with teachers to know any issues in the classroom. When students come in each day, they will first go through tutoring and homework completion. After that, the students will go through a curriculum which SapiBon Foundation, Inc. will design to help these students advance their skills and prepare them for college and future careers. Our Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will identify individuals working in the computer technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship industries that can come in to talk with youth about the field, education requirements, earning potential, etc. In addition, we will take students to different locations so they can speak to people in various fields in the actual work environment about the career.

We also have adult services. Our adult services provide reading help, GED preparation, and basic computers literacy training. Our goal is to teach these individuals how to read well, become more computer literate, and how to use these skills to better themselves in the community.