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Immigration in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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The organization works to educate refugees to help them focus on their new life including acclimating to the culture, social interactions, interactions with the law, etc. Most refugees when they come to the United States have not learned the rules, law, respecting of people, and culture of their new country. Every week, we work with individuals to teach the differences in their new country from their old. As a Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have launched this program to help individuals learn to focus on the new aspects of their life. To do this, we have speakers who discuss their experiences and the differences in their new culture.

As a Local Non-Profit Organization, Sapibon Foundation, Inc. also offers a class to help individuals in obtaining their green card. For the green card, the organization completes and sends the application (individuals are responsible for the fee). For citizenship, we provide a class to prepare individuals for the citizenship test. Typically, once individuals apply for citizenship they have a citizenship interview date that is one to three months in the future. During this span of time, we help them prepare by asking typical interview questions.

We also help refugees find hospitals and doctors and get to their offices. Many of these individuals do not speak or read English so they will contact the organization when they need health services. Our volunteers/staff will call for the appointment and take them to the hospital/doctor.