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Charity Organization Referrals in Fort Lauderdale FL

Through our distributions, Sapibon Foundation, Inc. seeks to provide opportunities and support to children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential.

At this time, our foundation has not chosen specific recipient organizations yet. Once we are ready to do so, it will ensure there is no relationship between this organization and the recipient organizations.

We will record recipient organizations’ name, contact information, and exempt status; the amount of the distribution, the type of distribution, and the valuation method for the distribution.

Applicant organizations will submit an application either by mail or online. The Board of Directors will decide which organization will receive funds based on the information provided by each applicant and the amount of funds available.

If you know an organization that needs support or that can partner with us, please refer them to us. Fill out the form below and submit to us online. For more concerns, please call us directly at 754-216-1515. You can also send an email to Your recommendation will be most appreciated.