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Secret to Happiness: Gratitude and How You Can Do It

Secret to Happiness Gratitude and How You Can Do It

Not many people realize that gratitude is actually one of the many essential ingredients to happiness. We often go about our daily lives in a thankless routine without any appreciation for anything or anyone. However, gratitude has been found to be an effective method of anchoring ourselves in the present, to be mindful of our surroundings, and to savor every moment with the least possible regret. Feeling and expressing gratitude resets our mind to positivity rather than constantly being on the lookout for the threats, worries, and negativities.

Practicing gratitude is a bit harder than you would expect. If you haven’t started yet, maybe it’s time to reconsider. You could direct your gratefulness in three easy ways:

  • Think of a person who has helped you in life

    It doesn’t have to be a single person as there could be a lot of them. Spend a few minutes of your day reflecting on the ways they have helped you and the benefits you have gained as a result. It may be a teacher, friend, family, or stranger; it could be anyone. Of course gratefulness has to be expressed, so send them a thank-you card or a call and let them know. Let it out instead of keeping it on the depths of your heart where no one can hear it.

  • Take a nature trip

    You might not believe that everything in this world is connected, but it’s never a bad idea to step outside your own musings once in a while. Go hike a mountain and breathe it all in – the fresh air, the fertile soil, the sustenance, everything. Focus on the peace and quiet, and most of all, focus on being grateful for all of these.

  • Be an asset to society

    Turn off the lights when you’re not using them; conserve electricity; save water; recycle; buy and promote sustainable products; visit an animal shelter; help in rescue operations; volunteer to help those in need, or donate to charity. Get involved. There are a lot of ways to give back to the community and to the world. Doing these acts of service will not only make you feel good about where you are in your life right now, but will also put things in perspective – connecting you deeper with the other living things here on earth.

Don’t know where to start? At SapiBon Foundation, Inc., we encourage you to begin your journey of showing gratefulness with us. We are a charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides programs for the following advocacies: children and the youth, bullying, disaster relief, education, food and agriculture, health, the homeless and housing, sports, and even immigration. We are registered and recognized as one of the charitable organizations in Florida that you can truly trust and rely on. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and that it is possible to do so.

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