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5 Ways to Brave Your Bullies and Fight Bullying

Loneliness. Isolation. Helplessness. These are just some of the feelings you’re left with after getting bullied. You’re either afraid or have this strong desire to fight back, but can’t. It’s a heart-breaking situation that you need to do something about. Always be aware of your solutions and always know that there are tons of people … Continue reading

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Bullying Can End at Home: 6 Ways You Can Teach Your Children Not to Bully Others

Bullying is only a single word but it leaves a heavy and hurtful impact on a lot of people. It destroys properties, lives, and relationships. Though it does not have a physical form, many will agree to call it a “living monster”. By all means, it should stop. Usually, bullying is an issue that is … Continue reading

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Why Does a Person Become a Bully?

Bullying is not exclusive to any age group. Children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly—everyone can be subjected to this behavior. Just as much as anyone can be a bully. But what drives a person to become one? Influences at home A person’s development is always influenced by how they were brought up at home. If … Continue reading

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Heartbreaking Reasons Why People Bully

Bullying still remains one of the most common issues faced by children and adults alike. It still is a problem in most schools and it is also silently experienced by people working in a professional field. Why do we do this even though we know it is completely wrong? The truth is depressing. Listed below … Continue reading

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Ways to Help Stop Bullying

Bullying refers to the aggressive behavior people show to assert their dominance over the other party. This kind of behavior tends to be repeated or has a potential to be repeated over a period of time. It is also an unhealthy behavior that should be stopped at all cost. Here are some of the ways … Continue reading

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