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Heartbreaking Reasons Why People Bully

Heartbreaking Reasons Why People Bully

Bullying still remains one of the most common issues faced by children and adults alike. It still is a problem in most schools and it is also silently experienced by people working in a professional field.

Why do we do this even though we know it is completely wrong? The truth is depressing. Listed below are the reasons why people bully. Ready your big hearts as this can get heartbreaking.

  1. Bullies can boost their self-worth if they do
    Every one of us feels inferior in one way or another. You look to your friends and it looks like they are living their lives. They have beautiful bodies. They are rich. They have the most romantic life. You get the point.
    And then, we have you. You have a lot of problems that they turn to become your insecurities. All of us, even rich and famous people, feel the same way. So what do we do? We have various coping mechanisms and there are just some people who treat other people miserably because of their own miseries.
    They want to let that person know how unhappy they are by spreading the negativity. We may think that the bullied is the only victim here. But the truth is, the bully is also a victim of life. They just do not want to show it so they make other people’s lives a hell on earth.
  2. Bullies are also bullied
    Bullying has more disturbing roots than we all think. Did you know that one of the main reasons bullies bully is that because they were also bullied? They may be a victim in their group of friends or in their family.
    The bullied here do not just want attention. They want other people to sympathize or empathize with them. Bullying others is the worst way to gain other’s empathy. However, they just can’t see that.
  3. It has become a culture
    The most disturbing reason why people bully other people is that it has been a part of our culture. Some people see a kid bullying other kid but they do not give any attention or even just try to break it. They simply dismiss that as “part of growing up.” It is never good.
    For that reason, we need to stand up for what is right and do what we need to do. We should all work together to stop this horrible culture so the next generation will not catch it and preach it to the next and younger generation.

The cycle of bullying stops with you. SapiBon Foundation, Inc. is a Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that holds programs for social problem such as bullying. We are one of the Local Non-Profit Organizations, wanting to end this dilemma and at the same time, we want to help those who are victims of it.

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