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Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture in Florida

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Our Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides a food pantry for the local community. To apply for assistance, individuals complete a small application that includes their contact information, family size, gender, and ages. Families are eligible to receive assistance once per week. The number of boxes each family receives is determined by their family size.

Our food boxes consist of approximately 25 pounds of food. With their food box, families receive a mixture of necessities for the week including but not limited to: loaf of bread, bag of fresh fruits, vegetables, dry foods, and milk. The boxes are pre-made and families simply come in and request their approved food box allotment. Fresh fruits and vegetables come to the organization from local stores and growers.

The organization will pay for seeds and food to start a community farm for international countries as well. Being a Local Non-Profit Organization, Sapibon Foundation, Inc. purchases seeds and possibly provide small agricultural equipment while teaching foreign countries about local agriculture and how to produce their own food.