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The Importance of Quality Education for the Future Generation

The Importance of Quality Education for the Future Generation

Education is a right, not a privilege – as they say. It is indeed true. After all, public school education is accessible to all children in the U.S. However, does this also hold true for quality education?

As parents, we all want our children to be competent for the future ahead of them. That is why we send our kids to school. But we do not just send them to schools. We send them to schools that provide quality education. Why do we do so?

  • Quality education will make the child employable.

    The number one reason why we are so concerned about our child’s academic performance is that we want them to have a better future. And by better future, we mean that we want them to earn a decent amount of money to meet their needs and provide for what they want.

    Having quality education will make learners employable in the future. It nurtures children to make sure they gain the essential skills to be able to compete. In addition to that, learners exposed to quality will make them competitive not just as employees but as managers and businesspersons.

  • Innovation will be at hand.

    Innovation is not only defined as having new devices, ideas, or methods. It also includes altering business models and adjusting to change in order to achieve better results in terms of product or services.

    We need to have citizens who can make our lives better. And the only way we could do that is to inculcate to our young generations now the value of resilience, adaptability, and creativity – all of which are made possible with quality education.

  • Quality education will lead to economic growth.

    There are three things that will be possible to obtain when we have educated and competent citizens: (1) higher rates of innovation, (2) higher overall levels of productivity, and (3) faster entry of new technology. All of this can translate to economic growth.

    Economic growth is what all of the countries aiming for. This is not to proclaim who the boss is or to gain most control of the resources of the world. We are aiming for economic growth to help give our fellow citizens have the quality of life they deserve.

    Having quality education is the first step to make an economic leap. But going back to our child, how do we make sure they are obtaining the skills they need to have in the 21st century?

SapiBon Foundation, Inc., a Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, works together with volunteers in order to help children obtain a better future.

As one of the Local non-profit organizations geared on quality education, we focus on creating an environment where learner’s weakness can turn into strengths.

What are your interventions regarding your child’s not-so-good performance? Share them in the comment section below.

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