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Why Does a Person Become a Bully?


Bullying is not exclusive to any age group. Children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly—everyone can be subjected to this behavior.

Just as much as anyone can be a bully. But what drives a person to become one?

  • Influences at home

    A person’s development is always influenced by how they were brought up at home. If as a child, they have witnessed someone in a position of authority (such as an immediate family member, guardian, teacher, etc.) manifest the qualities of a bully, they tend to follow.

  • Seeking attention

    Children seek validation from their parents or guardians. A lack of attention and reassurance can create a notion that one is unimportant and give a feeling of insecurity.

    Eventually, this feeling morphs into that of anger and resentment, leading them to act out by bullying.

  • Misplacing emotions

    Not all bullies start out as bullies. They themselves may have been a victim of bullying. They feel angry if they are being treated that way and frustrated if they can’t defend themselves or get even.

    As a means to reclaim their dignity, they lash out and bully those who are weaker than them. It’s sad that they become the one thing they hate the most, which is being a bully.

  • Power tripping

    Being spoiled too much as a child can also lead to them becoming a bully. They are not given restraints and therefore, they feel that they are entitled to anything. They assume that everything they do is acceptable because they believe it is the norm and it is their right.

  • Material Gain

    Having a shortage of resources can impact an individual’s character. It can either inspire them to work harder while striving for a better future. Or, they can choose the “easier” way out by resorting to bullying and having their victims pay them some sort of ransom.

  • Lack of empathy
    There are those who become a bully because they find enjoyment in the suffering of others. They resort to this behavior as a form of leisure or hobby.

If consider yourself a bully, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf.

You start by getting rid of the label. Understand that bullying is not who you are. Check with yourself and reflect. Create a better coping mechanism, vent your stress out in productive ways. Reach out to people who love and support you.

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