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3 Ways on How You Can Bring Change into the World

Change does not always have to be cataclysmic. It doesn’t have to be drastic. Bringing about a change in the world can be accomplished by doing even the smallest of things that, when put together, can gear our world towards becoming a better, peaceful place. It’s a kind of place where everyone can live in … Continue reading

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Changing the World: One Small Step at a Time

Making a change in our world cannot be done by one man alone; it also cannot be accomplished drastically and overnight. No, making a change requires time, effort, and the willingness to do small things, until these small things—when collectively done—work to make our world a nicer and better place. There are so many things … Continue reading

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The Other Side: Understanding Homelessness

Homelessness, as defined in the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, is the condition of people having “no fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence.” This condition is also possibly the latest miserable ordeal that more than 554,000 people in the United Stated have to battle through in this day and age. Many people are familiar with … Continue reading

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Secret to Happiness: Gratitude and How You Can Do It

Not many people realize that gratitude is actually one of the many essential ingredients to happiness. We often go about our daily lives in a thankless routine without any appreciation for anything or anyone. However, gratitude has been found to be an effective method of anchoring ourselves in the present, to be mindful of our … Continue reading

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Giving Money to the Homeless: Is That Something You Should Do?

We delve deeper into this question that always seems to be at the back of our minds whenever we see or are reminded of a homeless individual. A lot of you may think the answer is “no”. But if you do some thinking about it, you would, in fact, find out that the answer is … Continue reading

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