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5 Ways to Brave Your Bullies and Fight Bullying

Loneliness. Isolation. Helplessness. These are just some of the feelings you’re left with after getting bullied. You’re either afraid or have this strong desire to fight back, but can’t. It’s a heart-breaking situation that you need to do something about. Always be aware of your solutions and always know that there are tons of people … Continue reading

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Major Health Issues Homeless People Face Everyday

In 2005, at least 100 million people were homeless. This was based on a global survey conducted by the United Nations ( And this number has continued to grow through the years. It is hard to get an accurate picture of the challenges homeless people have to face every day. Because of this, some individuals … Continue reading

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Ways to Help in Disaster Relief

The technological advancements today allow us to predict some catastrophes. We can find out about incoming typhoons through the news. There are instruments which help us in estimating the amount of rainfall or snowfall and flood levels that might pour. Although there is nothing which can predict the specific time when earthquakes will occur, there … Continue reading

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The Importance of Quality Education for the Future Generation

Education is a right, not a privilege – as they say. It is indeed true. After all, public school education is accessible to all children in the U.S. However, does this also hold true for quality education? As parents, we all want our children to be competent for the future ahead of them. That is … Continue reading

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Why grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home?

Lack of time and unavailability of space at home- these are just some of the many reasons why most of us easily dismiss the thought of growing our own garden within the premises of our house. Truly, people who haven’t tried gardening before would find it hard to start planting their own vegetables and fruits. … Continue reading

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