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Ways to Help in Disaster Relief


The technological advancements today allow us to predict some catastrophes. We can find out about incoming typhoons through the news. There are instruments which help us in estimating the amount of rainfall or snowfall and flood levels that might pour. Although there is nothing which can predict the specific time when earthquakes will occur, there are still ways which can at least aid in knowing the probabilities of the occurrence of tremors in certain places.

But despite these methods, we can never see in advance the number and range of people who will be affected by these disasters. No one could predict how many individuals will die or get injured. It will be difficult to know how massive the damage will be. Thus, SapiBon Foundation, Inc. encourages all of us to always be prepared for the worst when disaster hits.

When disasters happen, there are many ways we can help.

  • Volunteer 

    Volunteering our time and energy is the direct and most fulfilling way of helping people or localities ravaged by calamities. Various local non-profit organizations go to these affected places and most of them need manpower. These organizations, after a disaster strikes, would need people who would answer calls from others who would want to donate, pack the goods to be brought to the affected areas, talk to the survivors for post-disaster counseling, and deliver the goods to the affected areas.

    Even if we do not have any proper training for social work, there would surely be something we can do to help the affected community through any Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Donate 

    People who do not have the luxury of time to volunteer could still help by giving their donations. The survivors of these calamities would need a lot of things- water, food, clothes, basic home equipment, and medical items. We would need funds and cash to bring these things to the affected individuals. So we can donate either money or any of the necessary supplies which they might need.

    Some charitable organizations also donate blood for the injured persons in the affected areas. Thus, healthy people who are capable of donating blood could also give it to these organizations.

  • Organize a Community Event or Fundraiser 
    Volunteering in charitable organizations and donating are not the only ways we can help the survivors of calamities. Another option we have is to organize events in our communities and raise funds to be donated for the people hit by disasters. We can talk to our co-workers, schoolmates, or local community centers to help us in our cause. By inviting more people to help us in our donation drive or other activities to raise money, we can save more and give more.

The damage that disasters bring to our lives comes without a warning. We can always prepare for the worst but it will still hurt the same. We should know how to empathize with the people who have fallen victims to these unfortunate events and help them rebuild their future by doing any of these.

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