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Why grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home?

Why grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home?

Lack of time and unavailability of space at home- these are just some of the many reasons why most of us easily dismiss the thought of growing our own garden within the premises of our house.

Truly, people who haven’t tried gardening before would find it hard to start planting their own vegetables and fruits. That is the reason why various local non-profit organizations like SapiBon Foundation, Inc. encourages families to grow their own food by both teaching them how to start a community farm or giving weekly food boxes to eligible families.

Now, here are a few advantages of gardening pointed out by charitable organizations in Florida. We hope that this will give us a little push to start planting fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs at home.

  • Saves Time and Money
    Most of us go to the grocery to shop for our food weekly. Since the prices are rising nowadays and employment opportunities are becoming scarce, gardening would be advantageous to those who are affected by the crisis. It is also worthy to note that healthy items like fruits, vegetables, and herbs are priced at a premium in most shops because of their rarity and benefits.
    With the produce we will get from our own garden, we won’t need to buy a lot at the grocery. In fact, we can just eat what we have in the garden and not go to the grocery at all.
  • Maximizes the Nutrients We Eat
    Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are most nutritious when they are fresh and have not been exposed to chemicals like pesticides. No matter how fresh products from supermarkets claim to be, we could never be sure whether these veggies have been actually exposed to harmful chemicals. For all we know, additives have also been put for its packaging and for prevention from deterioration.
    Every charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida aims for the day when we will only eat nutritious and organic foods. And we maximize these nutrients when we eat the produce from our garden at home because we are assured that they have grown organically. We will feel at ease while eating them, knowing that we have grown them with our own hands and labor.
  • It’s a Social Activity
    When you start growing your own foods at home, you will also encourage your neighbors to do the same. Once they see how abundant and sufficient your produce is, they would get enticed to grow their own and this would be your chance to introduce them to the world of gardening. This would be a good way to socialize and build a relationship with the community.

Engaging in small-time farming or gardening might not be your typical business. This might not even be how you imagine yourself spending your days. However, if you consider starting to eat the foods that you grow at home, it might change your perception of spending money and of the foods served on your table.

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