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Health in Florida

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Through public school education, seminars in schools and community centers, marketing and advertising literature, health fairs, children’s and adult group classes, cooking seminars, and one-on-one training sessions, Sapibon Foundation, Inc. affect our target audience with a comprehensive approach. Being a Local Non-Profit Organization, our Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will provide the following:


  • School education offering FAQ’s about healthy eating habits
  • Group fitness classes
  • Activities and games in local parks and schoolyards
  • Group Nutritional classes
  • Kids & parents joint fitness routine development


  • Nutritional seminars
  • “Nutritional College” (involves in-depth nutritional information & cooking seminars)
  • Fitness packages of personal training
  • Adult group classes
  • Fitness Planning
  • Jogging programs
  • Walking programs
  • Senior programs

To change the fitness of children and their families, we will use an existing exercise studio, cardiovascular equipment, free weights and machine weights, classroom time, a certified nutritionist, fitness and exercise specialists, and exercise manuals.

In the future, the organization will look to build clinics and health facilities in needy communities. This program will be looked at in future years to expand internationally.