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⋙ Thanksgiving Banquet Press Release


SapiBon Foundation to Host Thanksgiving Banquet for Homeless on November 19
Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing depravity and poverty via provision of basic needs and outreach services set to give away 500 turkeys on November 21.

Plantation, FL – November 13, 2017 – The SapiBon Foundation, Inc., a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to moderating the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available outreach services for the underserved population of the Plantation community and beyond, will be hosting a Thanksgiving Banquet for the homeless on November 19. SapiBon will also be giving away 500 turkeys on November 21, bolstering the foundation’s passion for reducing depravity and poverty through the provision of basic needs and outreach services.

“SapiBon Foundation places an invaluable priority on the support of its financial and food donors, volunteers and in-kind partners, and as a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities, we do whatever is necessary to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice,” says Gethro Saint-Surin, Board Chair and CEO of the SapiBon Foundation, Inc. “Our upcoming Thanksgiving Banquet is a good example of how we want to make life worth living… and how we want nothing more than to enrich the lives of others less fortunate.”

SapiBon offers programs that tackle issues in the areas of Children and Youth, Bullying, Disaster Relief, Education, Immigration, Health, Homeless and Housing, Job Training and Recreation/Sports, with the charitable organization providing safe, nurturing places for children to revel in having a meal, seniors to meet their specific nutritional needs and more. Further, the organization assists with benefits enrollment and access, emergency response for disaster victims and helping adults who are trying to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

“Since 2015, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the cost of living, but a stagnation in wages and high-paying jobs,” adds Saint-Surin. “The food budget shortfall in an average household has increased a staggering 20-percent – in fact, individuals and families who once donated their time with us have been seen standing in line at food pantries and soup kitchens. And hunger does not discriminate: Those in need of sustenance assistance encompass the working poor, children, veterans, older adults, the homeless and the physically/mentally disabled.”

According to research conducted by SapiBon Foundation representatives, some 328,010 children in South Florida – through no fault of their own – go to bed hungry, and without the benefit of food after school, on the weekends, during school holidays or during the warmer months, nutrition becomes less of a priority than hunger, leading to health problems and behavioral issues. What’s more, nearly 200,000 older adults are forced to choose between paying for medicine and putting food on the table, according to SapiBon’s research, with lack of proper nutrition resulting in osteoporosis, heart disease and other complications.

The situation is unfortunately similar for single parents, the working poor, veterans and former neighbors, say SapiBon representatives.

As the largest domestic hunger relief entity in the region, the SapiBon Foundation not only feeds people on the ground, but raises awareness of the issue across the country by educating the public about the impact of hunger through marketing initiatives, communication strategies, advocacy approaches and cutting-edge research.

The SapiBon Foundation, Inc. is located at 7580 NW 5th Street, Unit 15343 in Fort Lauderdale and can be reached by calling (754) 216-1515. For more information visit or email